In Space Marshals 2, specialist Burton can be equipped with several different weapons. Each one has a different form, damage, and type. There are many different weapon manufacturers. Each weapon manufacturer focuses on a different facet of weapon. The manufacturers are: Armach, Boforce, Huelta, Diopt, Venox, Atere, Knoge, Bountyman, and Zolt.

Armach develops a wide range of weapons, including sniper rifles, silenced handguns, and assault rifles.

Boforce primarily develops compact SMGs and silenced machine pistols.

Huelta manufactures the newest types of top-caliber assault rifles, including electric and laser full-auto rifles.

Diopt focuses on a lot of power in a little package. Their stun gun packs a punch and the top-line compact rifle is good in a pinch.

Venox focuses on envenomated crossbows which do stunning amounts of damage despite their low ammo capacity.

Atere has nearly cornered the market in long-range rifles but don't count them out for plasma launchers either.

Knoge manufactures very powerful pistols that can really pack a punch.

Bountyman is so far, the only manufacturer of shell-discharge shotguns.

Finally, Zolt currently is the only company that manufactures 3 grenade launchers, which has rocketed them to the #1 spot in terms of grenade and frag dispersion techniques.

List of Weapons Edit

DMG = Damage

VOL = Noise (VOL 50 means the circle is half full, VOL 100 means very noisy, NO VOL means silent)

x# = Multiplier

#R = number of rounds (ammo)

Armach Edit

  • Armach OT-Ranger (DMG 88, x2.0 multiplier, VOL 100, 10R, rifle) - A long-range, very damaging sniper rifle. These can take out your opponents from a long distance. However, they are not that good later in the game when you get better as more, quieter rifles are unlocked. For beginning missions, though, this gun is perfect.
  • Armach Falcon MP (DMG 110, x1.5 multiplier, VOL 80, 50R, SMG) - A short range SMG that can utterly destroy an entire enemy line in seconds by expending its 50 round burst of ammunition.
  • Armach T38 Silenced (DMG
  • Armach