TAMI (also written as T.A.M.I) is the programmed AI and assistant of the Space Marshals. TAMI takes the form of a white or yellow holographic face with a grey T on it.

Being the supportive AI for the Space Marshals, TAMI can run the ship and perform security checks. TAMI is also responsible for marking targets green, orange , or red.

As shown in the Ava mission pack, TAMI can take the form of a robot when online. It is also revealed that TAMI has a power quota and needs to shut down when the quota is exceeded.

TAMI is backed up at Space Marshals HQ, and stores local information on memory banks. TAMI's gender is never revealed, which is why TAMI is referred to by no other pronoun.

Although TAMI is mostly hosted on a secure connection, if for any reason TAMI is hacked an automatic signal cutoff sensor will trigger and prevent unwanted intrusion.

TAMI can briefly lapse into an evil version of TAMI. When this happens, TAMI can take the form of a red face and angry expression.