Lumbert Rouble’s Mill is the eighth main story mission in SM2. Currently, it is also the #1 hilariously named mission, with Mission 15 taking a close second.

Just when Burton thought he could finally get some well-earned R&R, some pesky civilians done got themselves into trouble again!

The decision to go into the lumber business came naturally to Lumbert (get it?) Rouble.

The subsequent Rattler occupation of his lumber mill - not so much.

Mission 8 rewards Edit

  1. BM ASG Combat (combustion shotgun, automatic).
  2. Flash Bang (sound-and-flash stun grenade).
  3. Plumber Outfit (it’s a plumber’s outfit).
  4. Throwing Axe (self-explanatory and silent).

Bonus items Edit


  1. Proceed northeast from the insertion point, across the bridge, enter the farmhouse and go into the bedroom.
  2. Proceed north to the first lumber processing workshop, go along its southeastern wall, past the lumber intake belt.
  3. Proceed to the northwestern lumber processing workshop, go through and exit through the back room (with metal flooring, stacked crates and pipes), break the barrel and go through along the northwestern wall.


  • Plumber’s cap - on a small island in the pond between the two workshops.