Scowler‘s End is the seventh main story mission in SM2.

T.A.M.I assigns Burton to check on Gavin and uncle Garth - they have disappeared while investigating anomalies in an old COR-V volatilium mine that has recently been occupied by Rattlers. While, given the circumstances, their disappearance is not at all surprising, it does, however, merit closer investigation.

If the mine was activated, the Marshals have a new problem on their hands: that nice crater on top of the planet was the result of a mining accident. The catch is, this time the mine is operated not by experienced COR-V personnel, but by actual space pirates.

And thus it falls on the reluctant Marshal Burton to save his friends from death and the planet from destruction. All in a day’s work.

Mission 7 rewards Edit

  1. Armach M1 Silenced (combustion machine pistol, silenced).
  2. Knoge H10 (plasma pistol, semi-automatic).
  3. Bountyman Silent (SUPRESSED combustion SHOTGUN!!!, semi-automatic).
  4. Atere ESG (almost sure it’s an electric shotgun).

Bonus items Edit


  1. When you clear out the rubble blocking the mine entrance, go southwest past 2 mining vehicles until you reach a dead end.
  2. Proceed into the mine until you reach the control room for Section B, go southeast to a door blocked by collapsed rocks, clear the rocks out with a demolition charge, proceed into the cave.
  3. Proceed until the gas-filled corridor, find the room with the keycard (to the southwest), go southeast from the room’s door.


  • Mohawk - When you unseal the room where Gavin and uncle Garth are locked in, go past them into the locker room patrolled by a robot, go southwest, clear out the volatilium deposits by the door and go into the cave.