The Master Gunner is the sixth main story mission in SM2.

The Rattlers’ master gunner Levin has the second memory bank. The ruffian is hiding from justice in the desert, has a band of pirates guarding him and is holding hostages.

Burton must be careful - Levin is testing some kind of projectile orbital precision weapon in the area.

Science-fiction-y? Definitely!

Dangerous? Yes!

Cost-effective? Absolutely not!

Mission 6 rewards Edit

  1. Bountyman Flak (hand cannon?).
  2. Outlaw (balanced armor).
  3. Huelta Ricochet (some-kind-of-energy machine pistol).
  4. Knoge Repeater (crossbow).

Bonus items Edit


  1. East into the rocks from the walled bridge guarded by 2 turrets, several pirates and a sniper (after traversing the bridge).
  2. Go directly northeast from the well in the main settlement, follow the path north, hugging the thick rock wall and past a fence.
  3.  ?


  • Strongman - In the main settlement, in a cage northwest of the well.