The Lost Caravan is the fifth main story mission in SM2.

Our protagonists are trying to squeeze information about T.A.M.I’s missing memory banks out of the captive Rattler Engineer.

However, even Gavin’s ”hardball” interrogation tactics get them nothing - the seasoned pirate’s lips are sealed. At least until they come in the vicinity of a bottle of premium grog.

And what luck - a trading caravan transporting a shipment of that very beverage seems to be passing just nearby... aaaaaand it’s sacked.

Burton must assist the caravaners and get the grog - whatever it takes.

And chances are it’s gonna take some dead pirates.

Mission 5 rewards Edit

  1. Proximity Mine (anti-personnel fragmentation mine).
  2. Boforce Marksman (combustion sniper rifle).
  3. Boforce T2 (combustion machine pistol).
  4. Huelta R2 Storm (some-sort-of-energy assault rifle).

Bonus items Edit


  1. Go over the first bridge, through the path in the rocks to the left of the bridge, then southwest into the settlement; there will be a wide path to the southeast through the rocks with a boulder in the center; the path ends in a waterfall.
  2. Northwest of the well guarded by a pirate, in a fenced area with barrels between buildings.
  3. On the edge of a cliff by the forcefield; over the bridge northwest of the cave system exit.


  • Huntsman - Enter the well, go through the cave system, exit via stairs southeast; the hat is by a collapsed mine entrance northeast of the exit stairs.