The Chief Engineer is the fourth main story mission in SM2.

Burton is transported to Scraptown, to retrieve T.A.M.I’s memory banks from the Rattlers’ Chief Engineer.

Mission 4 rewards Edit

  1. Armach Terren .44 (revolver).
  2. Frag Grenade (standard fragmentation grenade).
  3. Knoge Bosswhip (combustion shotgun).
  4. Huelta Lightning (electric handgun).

Bonus items Edit


  1. To the right of the bridge directly in front of the insertion point.
  2. Go northwest from the second sewer exit or northeast from the first one, between two buildings on the northern edge of the cliff.
  3. Southeast of the side door to the saloon.
  4.  ?


  • Combat Helmet - Behind the southwestern wall of the building right in front of the second sewer exit. The building has a fire barrel by the northwestern wall and a sleeping guard inside.