Into the Hills is the third main story mission in SM2.

Ava delivers Burton to a pirate camp nearby New Century Town, where Rattlers are amassing huge amounts of weapons and ammunition.

It is up to our hero to sneak heroically into the camp, strangle several High Value Targets (heroically), valorously set their materiel on fire and proceed to the extraction point in the manner that so befits him.

Mission 3 rewards Edit

  1. Hot Coals (high-temperature, carbon-based throwing weapon).
  2. Armach T38 Silenced (revolver, silenced).
  3. Marshal Specialist Armor (set of medium armor).
  4. Armach AMR-5 (combustion assault rifle).

Bonus items Edit

COR-V Tokens:

  1. Northwest of the first pile of materiel, follow the path into the rocks.
  2. Northeast of the northeastern materiel pile, behind several barrels.
  3. Follow a path southeast into the rocks from the tent southeast of the first materiel pile.


  • Bullrider- in the rocks, northwest of the ruins by the extraction point.