New Century Raid is the second main story mission in SM2.

Burton, Ava and Gavin land their Gecko on the outskirts of New Century Town to make contact with Gavin’s uncle, Garth.

They find that the town has been occupied by the Rattlers, a gang of infamous space pirates.

On T.A.M.I’s orders, Ava and Gavin Stay behind to guard the ship, while Burton sneaks into the town, singlehandedly eliminates the Rattlers’ local detachment (18 pirates all in all) and frees the townspeople being held hostage in the town’s jail.

Mission 2 rewards Edit

  1. Armach OT-Ranger (combustion sniper rifle).
  2. Armach Falcon MP (combustion machine pistol).
  3. Casual Clothing (self-explanatory).
  4. Noise Maker (gadget).

Bonus items Edit

COR-V Tokens:

  1. Right in front of the town’s main gate.
  2. Southern edge of the town, behind the barn with the dynamite.
  3. Behind the north-western wall of the house opposite the saloon.
  4. Inside the saloon.


  • White Marshal hat - inside the sheriff’s office.