Hammerhead Assault is the twentieth (and last) main story mission in SM2.

In what can only be called a horrible twist of fate, the pirates betrayed the Marshals and stole the Volatilium bomb. Who could expect that? Certainly not Burton!

Desperate times call for desperate measures - the Marshals have to mount a final assault on the Hammerhead! Captain Hayes took the bomb for a simple reason - such a destructive weapon will give him leverage over anyone. Pirates are known to cease any opportunity that will make pirating easier, and destructive potential is, of course, directly proportional to the ease of pirating. That is actually the first thing they teach you at space pirate school.

And the resulting equation is simple (in theory): since the Marshals’ main task is decreasing the ease of pirating, they must decrease the pirates’ destructive potential. In reality it means that a 3-person team will have to assault the ship and crew of the most dangerous pirate band in this galaxy, take on their captain and pray that the bomb doesn’t go off before they reach it.

By the time the Marshals got to the ship, the situation became dire: in his quest for power over all, Captain Hayes was blissfully unaware that the bomb could be detonated remotely. 

Will Graywater detonate the bomb and destroy the planet before the Marshals get to it?

Will Burton, Ava and Gavin survive this suicide mission?

Will Aurum Petram live to see another day?

Does the pirate captain really have a throne room?

It looks like the Marshals are going to find answers to these questions really soon.

Mission 20 rewards Edit

COR-V Destroyer (heavy beam cannon).

Knoge LAG-60 Cobra (plasma sub machinegun).

Assault Armor (top-of-the-line assault armor).

Boforce Minigun (plasma Gatling gun).

Bonus items Edit

  • None :(