The Weak Spot is the nineteenth main story mission in SM2.

Despite poor expectations for the previous mission, the joint Marshal/Pirate task force turned out to be very effective indeed: they have found the location for the Volatilium bomb Graywater had constructed, everyone survived and no one betrayed anyone. 

Also, the pirates got some jetpacks.

It turns out Graywater placed the bomb at the planet’s weak spot for maximum destructive effect. It is now under heavy guard and, as a bonus, the location is basically inaccessible.

That is, if you don’t have a jetpack!

But inaccessibility never stopped Marshal Burton - while the pirates were getting ready for a jetpack ride, Burton just climbed to the location. Partly it was because the Marshals are prohibited from using unregistered materiel (they are enforcing the law after all), partly - because he probably had something to prove, but also because the location is protected by several batteries of anti-aircraft guns and the pirates could not land anyway.

Now, Burton must disable the AA guns one by one, assault Graywater’s positions with the Pirates, find the bomb and... well, he can’t disarm it or anything. Secure it for transportation, perhaps?

Mission 19 rewards Edit

Armach Incendiary (revolver, incendiary rounds).

Portable Turret (IT’S A PORTABLE TURRET!!).

Knoge V3 Rocket (rocket launcher).

Huelta Focal (precision plasma rifle).

Bonus items Edit


  1. After disabling the first AA gun, cross the bridge and proceed east, then northeast along the edge of a cliff until a small checkpoint guarded by a single Graywater soldier.
  2. After disabling the second AA gun, descend into the underground complex, then proceed northeast until you reach a large pile of rocks (can be cleared out with a demolition charge) and a destructible wall to a small room, breach the room.
  3. After you ascend from the underground complex, proceed northeast to a room with additional demolition charges (has 3 laser tripwires in front).


  • Assault helmet - near the second AA gun.