The Jail Break is the seventeenth main story mission in SM2.

While Burton was “negotiating” a parley with the pirate captain aboard the Hammerhead, New Century Town was being overrun by Graywater.

A little later, while Burton was being flown in to assist the townspeople, he looked out of the side window, only to see Graywater’s landing zone, and on it - a white, shiny field WC unit. To our hero, this meant two things:

  1. Despite being an undeniably evil organization, Graywater certainly knows how to cater to their employees’ needs. 
  2. They are here to stay, their intentions are serious and the townspeople need to be evacuated as soon as possible.
  3. Need to process more than two things at once to get out of this mess.

Mission 17 rewards Edit

Plasma Grenade (very powerful hand grenade).

Knoge GAS-X (pistol-type grenade launcher, grenades release poison gas).

Knoge Incendiary (semi-automatic shotgun, incendiary rounds).

Knoge Ultrasonic (semi-automatic precision crossbow, silent).

Bonus items Edit


*This mission has the following particularity: it is divided into two consecutive parts, and when Burton progresses to the second one, the first one becomes inaccessible. Let’s designate the part from insertion to decent into the prison below the sheriff’s office as Zone 1 (Z1), and everything after that as Zone 2 (Z2) with corresponding insertion and entry points (near the town’s main gate and inside a house in Z2).

  1. (Z1) Proceed along the town’s main street until you reach the saloon, then into an alley southwest, to what looks like a small market with stacks of boxes and 2 stalls.
  2. (Z2) Exit the house and proceed northeast to a smithy guarded by several Greywater soldiers and an automated turret, move behind the house.
  3. (Z2) Proceed from insertion point Z2 to the southernmost edge of Z2, to the main Greywater deployment zone (complete with supply containers and, believe it or not, a field WC unit).


Beret - inside the house directly opposite the saloon (or, as normal people say, across the street).