The Captain is the sixteenth main story mission in SM2.

T.A.M.I’s master plan is finally in motion! The Rattler Captain will now answer for his innumerable crimes.

But, not to get ahead of themselves, first the Marshals will need to get someone aboard the Hammerhead to hack the ship’s early warning system, so that Ava’s Gecko doesn’t get blown up on the first attempt to approach the ship.

After which, that someone will abduct the Captain, bring him to the Gecko, and, by extension - to justice!

And while an attentive player would have guessed who that “someone” is by now, neither Burton, nor the player would ever guess how T.A.M.I plans to get them onto the Hammerhead.

Here’s a clue: it involves an airtight shipping container and a potent neurotoxin.

And that neurotoxin is not inside a snake.

But it definitely is inside someone.

And when we say someone, we mean Burton.

And when we say neurotoxin, that is exactly what we mean.

Mission 16 rewards Edit

Security Drone (throwable automated security drone).

Armach Comet (high-caliber sniper rifle).

Paralyzer (?).

Knoge Ripper (disc thrower).

Bonus items Edit


*Not so simple this time; there are 2 containers to choose from at the loading site, each container gets Burton into a different part of the ship; let’s designate the container closest to Burton’s initial position as C1, the furthest - C2.

*Option C1 offers more challenging combat and trickier stealth situations; note that options C1 and C2 are mutually exclusive.

  1. (C2) At the beginning of the level, in a service tunnel between two corridors, the tunnel  has red lighting.
  2. (C2) In the Operations room, eastern corner.
  3. (C1) In the room directly southeast from the insertion point.


Bowler Hat - Before choosing a container, approach the loading site, then proceed to it’s northeastern side.