More Fracking Robots is the fifteenth main story mission in SM2.

When another COR-V mine activated, the Marshals thought it was just another fracking mine with more fracking robots. One more routine fracking mission to shut down a fracking mine. Frack.

But upon arrival, the first thing Burton sees happens to be a fracking Graywater cargo ship (not actually a fracking ship)!

What are evil mercenaries doing in a volatilium mine? Looking for something? Perhaps some kind of unstable and dangerous substance? Perhaps even in it’s pure form? To build some kind of weapon, perhaps?

These are all questions for analysts and AIs to answer.

Burton is just doing his fracking job.

Mission 15 rewards Edit

Atere S8-T Raygun (laser handgun, semiautomatic).

Atere SMGL (laser submachinegun).

Venox Venom (crossbow, poisoned bolts).

Huelta Erupt T9 PWR (laser assault rifle, has “POWER” in its name which equals +10 style points).

Bonus items Edit


  1. Reach the first mining robot, follow it to bypass a pop-up barrier to the southwest, enter the room where the mine’s security bots are located (8 bots); proceed northwest through the room to a stack of large boxes.
  2. Reach the first mining robot, follow it to bypass a pop-up barrier to the northeast, traverse the bridge; use the second mining robot to proceed southeast (bypass two barriers) into a cave system, the token is on top of a box.
  3. Proceed down into the mine to floor C, Section B. The token is right next to the ladder, behind a forcefield barrier. Shut down Section B to open the barrier.