Hellbrook Harbor is the fourteenth main story mission in SM2.

With all the high-ranking pirates in custody and the Rattlers disorganized, T.A.M.I is starting to plan an assault on the Hammerhead to apprehend the Captain and end the pirate menace in Sector 55 forever.

The first phase is to infiltrate the harbor office of the aptly named Hellbrook Harbor and steal the Hammerhead’s shipping manifest.

Burton will be deployed near the pier to sneak around the harbor’s guards and defense systems, steal the manifest and disappear without a trace.

Unless he doesn’t like the words “infiltrate”, “sneak” and “disappear”.

In that case, things might go differently.

Mission 14 rewards Edit

Acid Bomb (an uninsulated glob of alien acid, pretty unsanitary).

Posh Clothing (an excuisitely fashioned garment for gentlemen of unparalleled taste; also has a directional combat shield).

Boforce FW Burst (combustion handgun; burst fire capable).

Diopt Charger (gauss rifle?).[premium]

Bonus items Edit


  1. Proceed northwest from the insertion point until the first automated turret, then follow the edge of the pier southeast, behind a blue house with profiled metal sheets for roofing.
  2. Proceed northwest to the second automated turret, then northwest along the edge of the pier.
  3. Find the harbor’s loading zone, proceed to the section of the pier where two snipers keep watch, cross over some planks to a submerged shipping container.


Rattler junk mask - proceed along the the train tracks until both tracks end, then proceed northeast to a hangar, along a single train track; follow the track to the end and turn southeast, enter the mess hall.