Fickle Island is the thirteenth main story mission in SM2.

A COR-V mining facility on Fickle Island has been occupied by a large force of Rattlers.

The plan is to assassinate all 5 Rattler leaders in the area, which will disorganize their ranks and, ultimately, force them to abandon the mine.

And that’s a good plan.

But specialist Burton is notoriously unfamiliar with the whole “cut-off-the-snake’s-head” concept. Come to think of it, he might also be unfamiliar with the word “concept”.

What he is familiar with is stomping on the snake until it stops moving, then stomping on it some more and only then cutting it’s head off. Maybe tossing the head in a fire after that.

Or into a mine shaft...

Mission 13 rewards Edit

Plasma Mine (“Did I just find a mine in a mine? Well, now it’s mine.”).

Boforce .50 (“and I’ve got Boforce. Point. Five O. Written down the side of mine”).

Zolt Launch X3 (grenade launcher, launches 3 grenades at once).

Armach Firelash (combustion assault rifle, incendiary rounds).

Bonus items Edit


  1. Approach the mine’s southeastern side entrance (just near the main entrance) and proceed along the outer wall to a small garbage dump site.
  2. Enter the mine through the main entrance and take the ladder beside a defunct cargo elevator shaft; upon exiting the ladder shaft, the token can be seen in the adjacent server room.
  3. Proceed to Floor C, enter the main cave system with two burning barrels, enter the adjacent room to the west.


Top Hat - on floor C, in an equipment storage room behind a cargo door unlocked with keycard B.