The Gathering Horde is the twelfth main story mission in SM2.

An alarmingly large group of Rattlers is gathering in an abandoned settlement near New Century Town. If they catch wind of the Marshals’ camp, the town will be in great danger.

Now, the Space Marshal handbook has a special guideline for such contingencies.

Evacuate? No. Contact local law enforcement? Guess again. 

Send in one Marshal to mount a preemptive strike against about a hundred pirates? 


Mission 12 rewards Edit

  1. Gunslinger (an outfit fit for a true Gunslinger).
  2. Armach AMR-7 Tactical (combustion tactical light machinegun).
  3. Venox Poison (pistol-type crossbow, poison-tipped bolts).
  4. Portable Decoy (throwable holographic device).

Bonus items Edit


  1. Proceed directly southeast from the insertion point, there is a hidden hatch in the ground between 4 tree stumps.
  2. Behind the third house along the northwestern side of the town.
  3. At the very end of the level, by a big boulder blocking the road into the town’s cemetery.


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