Radio Tower Stash is the eleventh main story mission in SM2.

Ava transports Burton to an old radio tower deep in the desert.

Why an old radio tower, you ask? Well, old radio towers in general do not interest intergalactic law enforcement, that is true. However, this particular old radio tower happens to have in it’s cellar a secret vault, where, according to new intel, another stolen memory bank is located.

Of course, being a rather unusual old radio tower, this one is also outfitted with automated security measures and several floors of heavily armed space pirates, all resting above the cellar.

Where is the insertion point, you ask?

On the roof. It’s on the roof.

Mission 11 rewards Edit

  1. Huelta Flak (combustion shotgun, produces shrapnel).
  2. Atere Incal S5 LDT (laser sniper rifle, semiautomatic).
  3. Knoge LAG-40 Viper (plasma machine pistol).
  4. Combat Armor (suit of medium armor).

Bonus items Edit


  1. Southwest from the main entrance to the tower's ground floor.
  2. At the eastern edge of the cellar.
  3. Second floor from the top down, in a small room to the north with two bookcases.


  • Hipster Beard - second floor from the top down (roof is floor 1), on a table in the center of the room.