Oatwish Farm is the tenth main story mission in SM2.

The Rattlers have sacked Oatwish Farm, taken hostages and are demanding the Marshals release their mates. It’s about to get ugly.

Little did they know... Space Marshals do not parley with pirates!

Well, not until Mission 16 anyway.

Mission 10 rewards Edit

  1. Knoge H22 (plasma handgun, semiautomatic).
  2. Boforce SXL (combustion submachinegun).
  3. Huelta Wildfire T2 (plasma assault rifle).
  4. Knoge Superbow (crossbow).

Bonus items Edit


  1. Go down the stairs into the cellar at the southwestern edge of the farm, proceed northwest, then southwest.
  2. In the farm’s central courtyard, where pirate ships are parked, on some wooden palettes at the western edge of the courtyard.
  3. In the main farmhouse (northern edge of the farm), in a single bedroom on the second floor.


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