This page contains directions for finding Headgear on missions.

So far, no headgear was found on missions 10, 12 and 15; missions 1 and 20 do not contain any headgear.

Main storyline Edit

Headgear on Mission 2 (New Century Raid):

  • White Marshal Hat - inside the sheriff’s office.

Headgear on Mission 3 (Into The Hills):

  • Bullrider - in the rocks, northwest of the ruins by the extraction point.

Headgear on Mission 4 (The Chief Engineer):

  • Combat Helmet - Behind the southwestern wall of the building right in front of the second sewer exit. The building has a fire barrel by the northwestern wall and a sleeping guard inside.

Headgear on Mission 5 (The Lost Caravan):

  • Huntsman - Enter the well, go through the cave system, exit via stairs southeast; the hat is by a collapsed mine entrance northeast of the exit stairs.

Headgear on Mission 6 (The Master Gunner):

  • Strongman - In the main settlement, in a cage northwest of the well.

Headgear on Mission 7 (Scowler’s End):

  • Mohawk - When you unseal the room where Gavin and uncle Garth are locked in, go past them into the locker room patrolled by a robot, go southwest, clear out the volatilium deposits by the door and go into the cave.

Headgear on Mission 8 (Lumbert Rouble’s Mill):

  • Plumber’s cap - on a small island in the pond between the two workshops.

Headgear on Mission 9 (The Quartermaster):

  • Pirate Hat - On the top level of the fifth car, inside a walk-in freezer.

Headgear on Mission 11 (Radio Tower Stash):

  • Hipster Beard - second floor from the top down (roof is floor 1), on a table in the center of the room.

Headgear on Mission 13 (Fickle Island):

  • Top Hat - on floor C, in an equipment storage room behind a cargo door unlocked with keycard B.

Headgear on Mission 14 (Hellbrook Harbor):

  • Rattler junk mask - proceed along the the train tracks until both tracks end, then proceed northeast to a hangar, along a single train track; follow the track to the end and turn southeast, enter the mess hall.

Headgear on Mission 16 (The Captain):

  • Bowler Hat - Before choosing a container, approach the loading site, then proceed to it’s northeastern side.

Headgear on Mission 17 (The Jail Break):

  • Beret - inside the house directly opposite the saloon (or, as normal people say, across the street).

Headgear on Mission 18 (Graywater Black Site):

  • Bandana - Proceed northeast from the satellite dish, through a corridor with stationary laser detectors to a guard tower with a first aid station inside.

Headgear on Mission 19 (The Weak Spot):

  • Assault helmet - near the second AA gun.

Bonus missions Edit

Headgear on Bonus mission 1 (Burnbook Cabin):

  • Tactical Mullet - outside the house, on the northern side.

Headgear on Bonus mission 2 (Power Hungry):

  • Gas Mask - at the end of the level, in a small hangar directly opposite the landing platform.