The COR-V Vending Machine is located in the Marshals’ main camp at New Century Town.

It gives out rewards in exchange for COR-V Tokens that Burton finds during his assignments.

Each item in the vending machine costs 7 COR-V tokens (regardless of its class).

COR-V Vending Machine rewards Edit

This is a list of rewards from the COR-V vending machine with an estimate of the cumulative amount of tokens required for each item:

  1. Knoge Barber (disc thrower handgun, semiautomatic); 7 tokens.
  2. COR-V Beaminator (beam cannon); 14 tokens.
  3. Diopt Minirail (gauss handgun, semiautomatic); 21 tokens.
  4. Personal Teleporter (personal teleportation device, used to belong to a high-ranking Greywater officer until her encounter with Marshal Burton); 28 tokens.
  5. Knoge Boom (crossbow, explosive bolts with a time delay); 25 tokens.
  6. Knoge Flak Launch (handheld grenade launcher, grenades produce shrapnel); 32 tokens.
  7. Tesla Impulse (electricity emitter rifle (I guess?..), main charge produces additional charges after initial impact); 39 tokens.
  8. Diopt Energizer (heavy energy weapon, the charge travels slowly in a straight line and damages everything in it’s vicinity); 46 tokens.

9. Huelta bounce machine gun