• Redberry Crumble

    Heeeey people!

    This unlikely guide was requested by none other than Dr. Grumble (Dr.G to his friends and wikia administrators) - potentially the leading SM2 speedrunner. The pleasure, of course, is all ours. This guide will cover all 20 of the main story missions and will come out in 4 parts (5 missions in each) as fast as I can manage. After that, it will be revised and compiled into one actual page (you know, like normal people do).


    Mission 1: Prologue

    1. The blasted disc will, in fact, not appear if you don’t run away from the place where it appears. So, as soon as you can, run midway to the exit door, then (after the disc appears) back.

    2. The first pirate you encounter will be standing with his back to you, at which p…

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  • Redberry Crumble

    Hey people!

    And, more importantly, contributors.

    My guess is no one except you would be interested in such a thing. Here’s a link to a table I’ve been making, which currently contains some weapon data:

    If you’re involved enough to view it and feel charitable enough to make something based on it - you’re certainly welcome to do so.

    If you’d like to help with the table itself - contact me by any means you feel comfortable with, I’m open to suggestions.

    Sincerely yours, Mr. Crumble.

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