The Armach Terren 38-caliber Revolver, better known as the Armach Terren .38, is the starting weapon that is given to Burton when the game starts. The .38 Terren revolver shoots 38-caliber rounds that do 99 damage each. It is the most basic weapon, and is good for early missions, but gradually loses its reliability over the timespan of the game.

Comparison with other revolvers Edit

The Armach Terren .38 and the .38 Silenced look much the same, with the exception of a prominent dark black silencer on the Silenced version. However, the Silenced version is significantly wider at the barrel and grainier on the inside to allow the rounds to accelerate when fired.

The Armach Terren .38 and the .44 look slightly different. The .44 is somewhat bigger, lacks a trigger guard and modular attachment point on the inside, and does 138 damage.