Armach Development Inc., more commonly known as Armach, is a weapons designer and manufacturer in the Space Marshals series. Specialist Burton will occasionally unlock guns from Armach for missions. Armach focuses more on guns with high range and damage multipliers rather than ammunition capacity.

Weapons Edit

This is a list of weapons manufactured by Armach:

  • Armach OT-Ranger
  • Armach Falcon MP
  • Armach T38 Silenced
  • Armach AMR-5
  • Armach Terren .44
  • Armach M1 Silenced
  • Armach Firelash
  • Armach Comet
  • Armach Incendiary
  • Armach T68+ Silenced
  • Armach X Prototype
  • Armach S3 Silenced
  • Armach King Cobra